Cessna Citation Jets for Sale

Cessna Aircraft Company has been part of Textron Aviation since 2014 but started delivering business jets in 1971 (with the Citation I). It has since produced over 7,500 private jets across more than 25 different Citation models, primarily for the Entry-Level Jets, Light Jets and Mid-Size Jets.

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Cessna Citation Sovereign

Please email
North America + Canada, United States, For Sale by Textron Aviation
  • Year 2012
  • S/N 680-0328
  • Total Time 4718
OPTIONS INSTALLED: – ADS-B – WAAS – FMS Performance Database (TOLD) – Honeywell single HF 1050 with SELCAL – Second HF provisions – TCAS 2000 – TCAS II (7.1) – FA-2100
Updated 12 Feb 2021

Cessna Citation CJ2+

Please call
North America + Canada, United States - FL, For Sale by Pacific Point Aviation
  • Year 2009
  • S/N 525A-0454
  • Total Time 1300
One Owner / Cescom /TAP Advantage Blue Progressive / ADSB Out-WAAS / DOC 10 c/w Cessna San Antonio 01-2021 / No Damage history
Updated 10 Feb 2021

Cessna Citation M2

Please call
North America + Canada, United States - WA, For Sale by jetAVIVA
  • Year 2018
  • S/N 525-0983
  • Total Time 247
jetAVIVA is excited to bring to market this immaculate 2018 Citation M2, SN 525-0983. This very low time, like new Citation
Updated 02 Jun 2021

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Cessna Citation II

Deal pending
Europe, Denmark, For Sale by Jet Advisors, LLC
  • Year 1982
  • S/N 550-0440
  • Total Time 17263
MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION - USD $175,000! Aircraft will be delivered as is, where is.  The aircraft is due for phase 5 etc. (
Updated 03 May 2021

Cessna Citation CJ1+

Price: USD $2,275,000 Price Reduced

Cessna Citation CJ1+

Price: USD $2,275,000 Price Reduced
North America + Canada, United States - TX, For Sale by Charlie Bravo Aviation
  • Year 2010
  • S/N 525-0698
  • Total Time 1222
Updated 19 Jan 2021

Cessna Citation II

Price: USD $519,500 Price Reduced

Cessna Citation II

Price: USD $519,500 Price Reduced
North America + Canada, United States - NE, For Sale by Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales
  • Year 1982
  • S/N 550-0341
  • Total Time 13593
Outstanding paint, Garmin GTN750/650 Panel Upgrades Garmin GTN750/650   Exterior paint completed in September, 2017
Updated 17 May 2021

Cessna Citation XLS+

Please call
Europe, Turkey, For Sale by Seres Havacilik
  • Year 2009
  • S/N 6048
  • Total Time 3.421
Updated 01 Mar 2021

Cessna Citation II

Price: USD $400,000

Cessna Citation II

Price: USD $400,000
Southern Africa, South Africa, For Sale by Aviation Sales International
  • Year 1992
  • S/N -
  • Total Time 10602
• Thrust Reversers • Angle of Attack Meter • Under seat Drawers • Chime Unit • Dual Davtron Clocks • Full Left-Hand Bar • Saft Battery • ADSB-OUT
Updated 13 Jan 2021

Cessna Citation 500

Please call
North America + Canada, Canada, For Sale by Airside Aviation Inc
  • Year 1973
  • S/N -
  • Total Time 2409.8
Updated 13 Jan 2021

Cessna Citation Sovereign

For Lease
North America + Canada, United States - MO, For Lease by The Ritchie Group
  • Year 2005
  • S/N 0029
  • Total Time 13009.5
Available For Sale or Lease. INQUIRE TODAY! New Paint Completed December 2020 at King Aerospace Gogo 3G and ATG 4000 ADS-B OUT /
Updated 18 Mar 2021

Cessna Citation CJ1

Make offer
Europe, Portugal, For Sale by Flightline Aviation
  • Year 2002
  • S/N 00486
  • Total Time 5320
**Price Reduced** Flightline Aviation are pleased to present this Citation CJ1 for sale.  This small business jet is a real
Updated 18 Oct 2020

Cessna Citation X

Please call

Cessna Citation X

Please call
North America + Canada, United States - FL, For Sale by American Aircraft Sales
  • Year 2000
  • S/N 750-0115
  • Total Time 7282
American Aircraft Sales is Proud to Present this Low-Time 2000 Citation X For Sale.
Updated 14 Jan 2021

Cessna Citation V

Price: USD $1,495,000

Cessna Citation V

Price: USD $1,495,000
North America + Canada, United States - TX, For Sale by Omnijet
  • Year 1994
  • S/N 560-0256
  • Total Time 7049
• Engine Overhauls 2019 • Dual Garmin GTN-750 • New Windshields • New Paint 2019 • ADSB | WAAS | LPV • TCAS II (7.1) • Freon Air
Updated 14 Jan 2021

Cessna Citation Ultra

Please call
North America + Canada, United States - MD, For Sale by Avpro Inc.
  • Year 1999
  • S/N 560-0533
  • Total Time 6522
Only Two Owners Since New Privately Owned & Cessna Maintained Dallas-Airmotive “AirTight” Engine Warranty Enrolled on Cessna Pro-Parts Dual Universal UNS-1
Enrolled on Cessna Pro-Parts
Updated 14 Jan 2021

Cessna Citation 500

Deal pending
Europe, Spain, For Sale by Starcraft Aviation
  • Year 1972
  • S/N 500-0037
  • Total Time 7791
- Eagle Modified Wing with Extra Fuel tank (5000 lbs in total) - High Gross Weight - Single Pilot certified - Sierra
Updated 25 Mar 2021

Cessna Citation VII

Price: USD $1,395,000 Price Reduced

Cessna Citation VII

Price: USD $1,395,000 Price Reduced
North America + Canada, United States - TX, For Sale by Jones Aviation Group
  • Year 1998
  • S/N 650-7082
  • Total Time 8703
Updated 08 Sep 2020

Cessna Citation XLS+

Price: USD $7,400,000

Cessna Citation XLS+

Price: USD $7,400,000
Europe, United Kingdom, For Sale by Aradian Aviation
  • Year 2015
  • S/N 6198
  • Total Time 1975
RVSM compliant EASA and EU Ops compliant ADS-B compliant Enhanced mode S transponders with diversity antennae Cescom maintenance tracking AXXESS
Updated 07 Sep 2020

Cessna Citation XLS+

Please call
North America + Canada, United States - KS, For Sale by East Coast Jet Center, Inc.
  • Year 2009
  • S/N 560-6039
  • Total Time 2773
Enrolled PowerAdvantage Engine Program Enrolled Aux Advantage APU Program Enrolled ProParts Enrolled CESCOM/CAMP U.S. Registered / EASA Compliant
Updated 14 Jan 2021

Cessna Citation XLS+

Price: USD $6,950,000 Price Reduced

Cessna Citation XLS+

Price: USD $6,950,000 Price Reduced
North America + Canada, United States - AR, For Sale by The Yates Group LLC
  • Year 2014
  • S/N 560-6175
  • Total Time 2286
One US Owner Since New WiFi: Gogo ATG 4000 WAAS/LPV and ADS-B Out Compliant Engines on Textron PowerAdvantage Plus; APU
Updated 19 Aug 2020

Cessna Citation Jet

Please call
North America + Canada, United States - TX, For Sale by CFS Jets
  • Year 1998
  • S/N 525-0294
  • Total Time 3129
Tap Engines, ProParts, Dual GTN750Xi's, WAAS/LPV. Fresh Doc 10 Completed 9/2020, New P&I 2021.
Updated 25 Mar 2021
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FAQs: Cessna Citation Jets for Sale

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions for Cessna Citation Jets for sale
  • How much does a Cessna Citation jet cost?

    A Cessna Citation business jet costs between $4.5m for a new Citation M2 and $21.0m for a new Citation Longitude, according to Aircraft BlueBook’s winter 2020 data. However, depending on the age and condition of an aircraft, buyers can purchase a used Cessna Citation airplane for less. For example, Aircraft Bluebook’s winter 2020 data shows that a 2016 model Citation Latitude retails for approximately $10.5m, while a 2016 model Cessna Citation CJ4 costs $6.2m. Older, out of production model can be purchased for as little as $150k in the case of a 1973-model Citation 500.

  • How many Cessna Citation jets are flying today?

    In November 2020 there were 7,312 Cessna Citation jets flying worldwide, according to JETNET. The Citation II has the largest in-operation fleet, with 495 still flying out of 607 produced. At the time of writing, there had been 531 retirements across the Cessna Citation fleet from a total 7,843 units produced.

  • How far can I fly on a Cessna Citation business jet?

    Cessna Citation private jets offer maximum ranges between 1,070nm for the Citation Mustang up to 3,500nm for the Citation Longitude, according to Textron Aviation, based on four passengers and available fuel aboard.

  • Which jets compete with Cessna Citation models?

    Several private jets compete with Cessna’s many jet models. Embraer’s Phenom 100 competes with the Citation Mustang in the Entry-Level Jet arena. In the Light Jet category, models from Beechcraft, Bombardier Learjet, Embraer (Phenom 100), Hawker and Pilatus’ PC-24 compete with different Citation models. In the Mid-Size class, models from Bombardier Learjet and Challenger (300/350 model), Dassault, Embraer, Hawker and Gulfstream all compete with specific Citation models.

Cessna Citation Jets Overview

By Gerrard Cowan - Editor, Aircraft Reviews

The Cessna Citation family of business jets marked its 50th anniversary in 2019. Over the decades, the company has taken a leading role in building Entry-Level Jets, Light Jets and Mid-Size Jets.

Cessna Citation Light Jet Models

The first Cessna Citation model – the Fanjet 500, later renamed the Citation 500 - made its inaugural flight in September 1969, and provided a jet capable of holding up to eight passengers. As time went on, so the aircraft evolved, with its engine nacelles being repositioned, the addition of a larger tail, and more.

An improved version of the aircraft entered the market in 1976 as the Cessna Citation I Light Jet, with a longer wingspan and increased payload. Some Citation Is were certified for single pilot operation and were named the Citation ISP.

The Cessna Citation II (certified in 1978) boosted passenger capacity to 10 with a longer fuselage, and it has greater range than the Citation I at just under 2,000nm. As with the Citation ISP model, a Citation IISP single pilot version was produced.

An improved Cessna Citation S/II Light Jet made its first test flight in 1984, and offered superior fuel capacity and a better version of the Pratt & Whitney JT15D-4B engines, among other advances. The final upgrade to the Citation II series came with the Cessna Citation Bravo, which brought advances including Honeywell Primus avionics and PW530A engines.

In 1988 Cessna further strengthened its position in the Light Jet market with the launch of the Cessna Citation V, a stretched version of the Cessna Citation II aircraft. The new aircraft offered more powerful JT15D-5A turbofans and a slight fuselage stretch. Seating seven passengers, the Citation V was later upgraded, first through the Citation Ultra, and then the Citation Encore and Citation Encore+.

The Cessna CitationJet was certified in 1992, designed to lower the bar into business jet ownership. The model was then upgraded and modified several times, generating a wide range of Light Jets. Each subsequent model included a slight stretch to the fuselage and upgraded engines for increased performance.

Among the CitationJet family are the Citation CJ1 and Citation CJ1+; Citation CJ2 and Citation CJ2+; Citation CJ3 and Citation CJ3+; and Citation CJ4. Currently, the Citation CJ3+ and CJ4 remain in production, while the CJ1+ was replaced with the Citation M2 in 2013, offering state-of-the-art avionics and powerplants.

Cessna Citation Entry-Level Jets

Taking the entry point into bizjet ownership even lower, when the Entry-Level Jet revolution took place at the start of the 21st century Cessna’s Citation Mustang was one of the first to be certified in the category. Between 2006 and 2017, the company delivered nearly 500 units of its smallest 4-5-seat, Pratt & Whitney PW615F-powered jet.

Cessna Citation Mid-Size Jets

Naturally as Cessna’s product line expanded over the decades, the company started developing and producing Mid-Size Jets. In 1982, the Cessna Citation III was certified, seating up to eight passengers and offering a range of 2,348nm.

Though plans for a larger, even longer-range variant – the Cessna Citation IV – were cancelled, the company went on to build the Cessna Citation VI, and then the upgraded Cessna Citation VII aircraft, which featured improved engines.

The 3,200nm-range Citation Sovereign, certified in 2004, was introduced for the same market niche as the Citation III/VI/VII platforms, and holds up to 12 passengers. The upgraded Cessna Citation Sovereign+, meanwhile, has range-enhancing winglets and Pratt & Whitney PW306D engines.

Other Mid-Size Jets from Cessna include the 3,125nm-range, Mach 0.90, Super Mid-Size Cessna Citation X, with its unique wing design and AE3007C1 engines. Models delivered after 2001 enjoy extra thrust, greater MTOW and improved Honeywell avionics over older units. Cessna upgraded the model to the Citation X+ which entered the market in 2012 with a stretched cabin and other upgrades.

At the lower end of the Mid-Size Jet market is Cessna’s Citation Excel that has been upgraded twice with the Citation XLS and Citation XLS+ (offering a maximum range of 2,100nm).

The fairly recent Cessna Citation Latitude has a maximum range of 2,870nm and seats up to nine. The platform has been a market hit over the past five years, and offers sophisticated Garmin G5000 avionics, a 6ft stand-up cabin, and more. 

And finally, the Citation Longitude Super Mid-Size jet is Cessna’s largest to date, offering a range of 3,500nm. It features Garmin G5000 avionics, Honeywell HTF7700L engines, and a cabin altitude of 5,950ft, and is pitched at the transatlantic jet market.

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