Bell 407 Turbine Helicopters for Sale

Currently built in Canada, the 407 from Bell is based on the 206L-4 Long Ranger with a four-bladed composite main rotor driven by an 813 shp Rolls-Royce 250-C47B turboshafts. The main cabin is wider than that of the 206L, seating five or six passengers in comfort and the 407 has better speed, range and useful load - and a higher service ceiling.

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Bell 407

Price: USD $1,700,000
Bell 407 Exterior
  • 4

Bell 407

Price: USD $1,700,000
Asia, Indonesia, For Sale by International Aviation Marketing Ltd.
  • Year 1997
  • S/N 53230
  • Total Time 15263
Utility configuration
Updated 02 Nov 2023
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Bell 407

Price: USD $1,975,000
  • 4

Bell 407

Price: USD $1,975,000
Asia, Indonesia, For Sale by International Aviation Marketing Ltd.
  • Year 2007
  • S/N 53809
  • Total Time 6320
Utility configured helicopter available.
Updated 06 Nov 2023
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Bell 407 Variants

Bell 407GXP

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  • 7

Bell 407GXP

Make offer
Europe, Sweden, For Sale by Savback Helicopters
  • Year 2016
  • S/N TBD
  • Total Time 544
Highlights: Autopilot - 2-Axis AFCS Aux Fuel Tank Equipment (19Gal) Expanded Avionics Shelf Interior Trim – Corporate Soundproofing – Corporate Air Conditioner
Updated 31 Oct 2023
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Bell 407 Turbine Helicopter
Price Data
Find the latest prices, market data and asset valuations for Bell 407 Turbine from the world's leading aviation data providers - JetNet, Aircraft BlueBook and Asset Insight.
    Bell 407 Turbine Helicopter
    • Bell 407 Specifications
      MTOW LBS
      B.O.W W/Crew LBS
      Payload - Full Fuel LBS
      L/Range Cruise Speed KTAS
      Cabin Height FT
      Cabin Width FT
      Cabin Length FT
      Cabin Volume CU FT
      Baggage Vol.Ext CU FT
      Seats Executive
      Crew / Passengers
      Door Height FT
      Door Width FT
      Engine Manufacturer
      Rolls Royce
      Engine Model
      R.O.C All Engines FT PER MIN
      Useable Fuel LBS
      VFR Maximum Range
      All data courtesy of Conklin & de Decker

    FAQs: Bell 407 Turbine Helicopter for Sale

    Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions for Bell 407 Turbine Helicopter for sale
    • How much does a Bell 407 cost?

      The Bell 407 costs between $1.2m for a 1996 model and $2.1m for a 2012 model, according to Aircraft Bluebook spring 2021 data. These values represent the average retail price for the respective model years. Individual Bell 407 models may sell for above or below the average, since the price of an aircraft is determined by several serial number-specific factors. These include its maintenance condition, the time remaining on the airframe and engine before a major inspection is due, enrolment (or not) on an engine maintenance program, damage history, and more.

    • What competes with the Bell 407?

      Other popular single-engine turbine helicopters that compete with the Bell 407 in the VIP/corporate market include the Airbus H125, which can be configured for four, five, or six passengers (usually four in Business Aviation), and has a range of 340nm. The H125 is powered by an Arriel 2D turboshaft engine.

    • What makes the Bell 407 stand out?

      The Bell 407 offers better speed, range and useful load than preceding, similar helicopters, according to Bell. It is considered a powerful, flexible helicopter by VIP and corporate operators.

    • What is the difference between a Bell 407 and a Bell 407GXi?

      Compared to the Bell 407, the Bell 407GXi is powered by an upgraded Rolls-Royce 250-C47E/4 engine, and features modern Garmin G1000H NXi avionics, which provides a wide range of benefits to the pilot, including synthetic vision and terrain avoidance warning.

    Bell 407 Turbine Helicopter Overview

    By Gerrard Cowan - Editor, Aircraft Reviews

    The Bell 407 continues the heritage of the manufacturer’s Bell 206 range, offering a versatile and powerful multi-role, single-engine turbine helicopter to corporate operators around the world.

    The Bell 407 was derived from Bell’s 206L LongRanger models, marking an upgrade on the 206L-4 LongRanger IV in several aspects.

    During its production run, Bell produced an impressive 1,160 units of the Bell 407, according to JETNET data.

    What features does the Bell 407 offer?

    The original Bell 407 is powered by an 813 shp Rolls-Royce 250-C47B turboshaft engine, and provides operators with a range of around 330nm.

    It offers a spacious cabin that holds appeal for many VIP/corporate operators, with the ability to accommodate six passengers and one pilot.

    What came before and after the Bell 407?

    As mentioned, the Bell 407 derives from the long-running, successful Bell 206 family, which dates back to the 1960s. The last in a long line of helicopters in the Bell 206 line, the 206L-4 ended production in 2017, and the Bell 407 model now represent the line.

    Various upgrades followed the original Bell 407 model, including the 407GX and 407GXP. The most modern variant, the 407GXi, offers a blend of power and world-class avionics (see below).

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