Daher Kodiak 100 Turboprops for Sale

The high-wing Quest Kodiak 100 has been in production since 2009 and has gained a strong reputation as a tough light utility aircraft capable of remote operations. It has a large cabin with eight passenger seats and a big rear loading door for cargo. Powered by a 750 shp PT6A-34 engine, there is also an executive version with a 6-seat Timberline interior.

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FAQs: Daher Kodiak 100 Turboprops for Sale

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions for Daher Kodiak 100 Turboprops for sale
  • How much does a Daher Kodiak 100 cost?

    A Kodiak 100 costs between $1m (2007 model) and $1.80m (2017 model), according to Aircraft Bluebook’s Summer 2024 data. These prices represent average retail. Buyers should note the price of an individual aircraft will be a very specific to a number of factors concerning that aircraft, including its maintenance condition, time on the engine and airframe, and more. These can cause significant variation in prices, even between aircraft with the same year of manufacture.

  • What competes with the Daher Kodiak 100?

    There are a number of competitors on the utility turboprop market, including the Cessna Grand Caravan EX, which can carry 10-14, depending on configuration, and has a range of about 912nm, and a maximum speed of 185ktas.

  • What makes the Daher Kodiak 100 stand out?

    Daher pitches the Kodiak 100 as the most advanced 10-seat short take-off and landing turboprop on the market, with the utility aircraft designed to meet a wide range of missions and appeal to different groups of buyers. The aircraft’s wing design provides an added safety dimension, the company notes, while its advanced avionics boost situational awareness and reduce pilot workload.

  • What’s the difference between a Daher Kodiak 100 and Kodiak 100 Series II?

    The Kodiak 100 Series II brought a number of enhancements over the original model, notably the new Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite. This includes a range of options for the pilot, such as Garmin SurfaceWatch, which helps avoid runway incursions and supports safe operations in the airport environment. The Series II also offers three different interior packages, including ‘Summit’, pitched at both the business and family markets; ‘Tundra’, a basic interior that offers a combination of lightweight fittings and durability; and ‘Timberline’, a move up from Tundra that brings upgrades including a carpeted interior, seat storage pockets and more.

Daher Kodiak 100 Turboprop Overview

By Gerrard Cowan - Editor, Aircraft Reviews

The Kodiak 100 (produced by Quest) enjoyed significant success in the single-engine turboprop market over a decade, with Daher continuing to manufacture a second generation of the utility aircraft today.

Deliveries of the original Kodiak 100 began in 2007, ending in 2017. The Series II was introduced in 2018. Quest Aircraft was acquired by Daher in 2019. Across its 10-year production run, 250 of the original 10-seat Kodiak 100s were manufactured, with customers ranging from Spirit Air to Sunstate Aviation.

The aircraft offers a maximum range of 1,132nm and a top speed of 183ktas.

What features does the Daher Kodiak 100 offer?

The Kodiak 100 is powered by a 750shp Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34 engine. The aircraft has a large cabin, while a large loading door provides space for cargo. 

What came after the Daher Kodiak 100?

The Kodiak 100 was the first in the line, and was followed by the Kodiak 100 Series II, which provides a range of enhancements, particularly with regards to the avionics.

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