1981 Piper Cheyenne II for sale, Germany

Piper Cheyenne II Exterior
Piper Cheyenne II Exterior
Piper Cheyenne II Exterior
Piper Cheyenne II Exterior
Piper Cheyenne II Exterior
Piper Cheyenne II Exterior
Piper Cheyenne II Cabin
Piper Cheyenne II Exterior
Piper Cheyenne II Cockpit
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Europe, Germany

Aircraft Description

Step into the world of aviation excellence with the introduction of the Piper Cheyenne II – an exceptional aircraft that sets new standards in performance, comfort, and safety. This unparalleled Cheyenne II stands proudly as one of Europe’s premier offerings, boasting unparalleled features that cater to both IFR and VFR flights. With its pressurized twin-turbine design, this aircraft is a masterpiece of engineering, offering an unparalleled flying experience.

At Piper Germany, we are thrilled to present this extraordinary opportunity to make the Piper Cheyenne II your own. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction ensures a seamless buying experience, where we go above and beyond to surpass your every expectation.

Discover the allure of this beautiful aircraft by arranging a personal viewing with Piper Germany today. Allow us to be your trusted partner on this remarkable journey towards owning the Piper Cheyenne II. Experience aviation at its finest and embark on extraordinary adventures with an aircraft that defines true excellence.


This Piper Cheyenne II is in impeccable condition, surpassing the expectations of even the most discerning buyer. With an inviting and clean cockpit, equipped with advanced avionics and modern features, this aircraft is truly a pilot’s dream. The inclusion of tip tanks allows for an impressive flight time of up to 5.5 hours, ensuring you can reach your destination with ease.

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8499h TTSN


LH Engine 7900h TTSN - approx. 3000h SOH
RH Engine 7900h TTSN - approx. 3000h SOH - RH Engine has a fresh HSI so may be flown 1800h until next HSI under N-reg.
    •Garmin GTN 750
    •Garmin 530 WAAS
    •Garmin Radar GWX 70
    •Garmin 330 Diversity Mode-S Transponder ADSB out
    •Garmin 340 Audio Panel
    •406 Mhz ELT
    •Radar Altimeter
    •KFC 300 Autopilot
    •Electronic Approach Plates on GTN 750 IFR/VFR
    •DME remote Display
    •Fuel Consumption Indicator on GTN 750
    •Copilot HSI
    •Copilot Altidue Indicator
    •Golze inflight iridium SAT Radar/Metar/TAF for iPad
  • Interior & Entertainment
    Step inside the luxurious interior of this Piper Cheyenne II and experience the perfect combination of comfort and style. The brown leather upholstery, rated 8/10, exudes elegance, while the wooden accents and light beige color scheme create an inviting and sophisticated ambiance, making every journey a truly delightful experience for you and your passengers.
    The cabin of this aircraft offers spaciousness and comfort, with its well-designed dimensions accommodating a generous cabin length of 101 inches (256 centimeters), a width of 50 inches (127
    centimeters), and a height of 51.5 inches (131 centimeters). The thoughtfully designed passenger door, measuring 28 x 46 inches (71.1 x 116.8 centimeters), ensures easy entry and exit for pass-
    engers, while the forward baggage door, measuring 26 x 21 inches (66 x 53.3 centimeters), facilitates convenient loading and unloading of luggage and cargo.
    Every detail inside the cabin has been crafted crafted to provide a premium and luxurious atmosphere, setting the stage for an unparalleled flying experience. Whether you‘re embarking on a
    short domestic trip or a long-range international journey, the comfort and sophistication of this Piper Cheyenne II‘s interior will undoubtedly impress and exceed expectations.
    The exterior of this aircraft boasts a stunning white and blue colour scheme, which is both visually striking and timeless. With an overall rating of 8/10, the exterior presents itself as a testament to the meticulous care and attention given to maintaining this aircraft’s pristine condition. The recent partial repaint in 2023, covering areas such as the wings, near the turbines, and parts of the fuselage, ensures a fresh and appealing look, further enhancing the aircraft’s
    overall appearance.

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